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Nat Tilander
Musician, Composer, Poet, Writer, Geophysicist


MULTIDIMENSIONAL GUIDE TO SCIENCE FICTION AND FANTASY – A comprehensive collection of reviews of science fiction and fantasy works, including ratings of more than 7000 novels, anthologies, and stories, listed alphabetically by author. The entire three volumes also include short excerpts from reviews by notable sci-fi authors and reviewers, including James Blish, Anthony Boucher, Algis Budrys, Orson Scott Card, Avram Davidson, Charles de Lint, Lester Del Rey, Tom Easton, Harlan Ellison, Fritz Leiber, Judith Merril, P. Schuyler Miller, Spider Robinson, Joanna Russ, Baird Searles, Robert Silverberg, Norman Spinrad, George Zebrowski, and many others. An abridged version of volume 1 is available on this website. Complete and newly revised versions of volumes 1, 2, and 3 are also available for purchase at

  • Volume 1 (authors A-F)
  • Volume 2 (authors G-O)
  • Volume 3 (authors (P-Z)

MOVIE GUIDES – Short plot summaries and reviews of the best 130 western movies of all time. Includes well-know files like Conagher (1991) and True Grit (1969) and High Noon (1942), as well as lesser know classics such as Grey Owl (2000). The Naked Prey (1966), The Windmill (1944), and Westward the Women (1951). Also summaries and reviews of the best 130 science fiction movies of all time. Includes well-known sci-fi films like Avatar (2009) and Aliens (1986), as well as lesser know classics such as George Lucas in Love (2000), Wing Commander (1999), Retroactive (1997) and Panic in Year Zero (1962).

ORIGINAL MUSICAL COMPOSITIONS – I began composing in 1974 after taking a Jazz appreciation class at Princeton University. You’ll find several of the “blues” pieces I wrote at that time on this website, however my favorite musical works were written two decades later while I was working as a geophysicist. Seven short pieces are collected as Machineries of Joy, a title first used by author Ray Bradbury for one of his evocative collections of short stories. Another nine compositions are gathered in the Hidden Trails Suite. Recent and early compositions have been collected here.

MUSICAL PERFORMANCES – Also offered on this website are a selection of folk, classical and original songs. My tastes range from traditional ballads (Annie Laurie, Loch Lomond, Turkey in the Straw, etc.), to ensemble and solo classical works by Beethoven, Schubert, Mozart, Brahms, Poulenc, Rachmaninoff, Kabelevsky and others, to the music of Kurt Weill (Threepenny Opera), to jazz and R&B music

ARTICLES – A series of longer essays on topics ranging from science fiction to science and music.

STORIES – Tales about battling gods, primitive cave men, possessed seismic drillers, emigrant time travelers, mushrooms amok, and many other topics.

JOURNAL & POEMS – 95% of the poems I ever wrote emerged during a challenging two year stretch in the early 1980s.

NAT’S BLOG – Includes short essays and grumblings on whatever tickles my fancy.

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PHOTOGRAPHS – Most of the photographs on this website were taken by my good friend, Scott D. Adams. A fellow earth scientist and master guitar builder and musician living in Salida, Colorado, Scott has an eye for dramatic and unusual detail.

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